At Christ Community School, we embrace opportunities to partner with you, the parent, as you raise your children to know and love Christ. Because we believe that a three-fold cord is not easily broken (Eccles. 4:12), we feel when home, school, and church become partners in education, a solid foundation is laid for our students to stand upon. This partnership comes to life as parents volunteer in various areas of our school, join us on field trips and celebrations, participate in many of our family activities and through ongoing open communication between teachers and parents.  

Through the anchors of home, school, and church, our students can experience enhanced growth in spiritual, academic, emotional, and social areas.


Service Hours

We ask our families to contribute 30 hours (15 for single parents) of service in fellowship with CCS. We offer a variety of service hour opportunities throughout the school year. For more information contact our business manager Laura Armstrong at 936.321.6300 or by email

Service hours may be logged in on ParentsWeb

  1. From the CCS website, Login to the Parents Web.

  2. Choose the Family Information tab on the left hand side.

  3. Choose your name in the center of the screen.

  4. A Service Hours tab appears on the right hand side.

  5. A work service record/entry should be completed each time a service is performed.

Knight Care


Knight care is our on-site after-school care program. Our program begins after school at 3:15pm and concludes at 6:00pm. Members of our faculty and staff provide an opportunity for students to complete their homework while also enjoying a snack and recreational time with other students. You may choose to enroll in a monthly membership or a daily emergency drop in. Knight Care memberships are available for purchase in our online store.


PTF: Parent Teacher Fellowship


The purpose of PTF is to serve Christ by serving Christ Community School. We provide opportunities for parental involvement to support the various needs of our teachers and students, to promote Christian fellowship within the school community. We encourages parents to attend PTF meetings and to be active in their child’s classroom activities and in PTF functions.

For information on upcoming events and the need for volunteers, please email