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Parent Teacher Fellowship

The purpose of PTF is to serve Christ by serving Christ Community School. We provide opportunities for parental involvement to support the various needs of the teachers and students, and to promote Christian fellowship within the school community. If you are a parent or grandparent of a CCS student, then you can be a part of the Parent Teacher Fellowship.

Our meetings are open to all CCS families and we welcome opinions and suggestions from all parents. Our PTF encourages parents to be active in their child’s classroom activities and in PTF functions. The students love to see their parents at school and your participation helps make CCS a great place to learn and grow in Christian fellowship and service. There are no special skills or abilities needed to participate, only a willingness to serve our children, our faculty, and Christ.


Meetings are usually held once every month, in the morning after child drop-off (8:10am) and in the evening before extended-care ends (5:00pm) in the library. Please see the PTF calendar for specific meeting dates and times. Parents are an important part of our school; their support and feedback is integral to our success. PTF meetings are open to all CCS families; we welcome opinions, suggestions, and feedback from all parents.

For information on upcoming events and the need for volunteers, please attend PTF meetings. In the case that you can’t make the meetings, a PTF information stand is located in the main building, and The Knightly News, delivered to your email, has a PTF-news/corner. All meetings and events will also be noted on our CCS Facebook page. Any specific questions can be emailed to –

Several “Teams” compose our PTF: Teacher Appreciation, Hospitality, Fundraising, Room-Mom, Fun Lunch, Working Parent and Outreach to name a few. Throughout the year sign-up sheets are circulated at most meetings and events. There are many ways to lead, serve, or volunteer on a PTF Team, so contact any of us directly to join and we will be happy to get you involved.


Our committed parents contribute 30 hours (15 for single parents) of community service in fellowship with CCS. While there are many opportunities during the work day and week, we also offer after school and weekend availabilities. While not all volunteering occasions are listed here, a few ways to contribute are by helping student service projects, grandparents day, open house, meet the teacher nights, field trips, homeroom parent activities, CCS yearbook, and more. For all opportunities, or to share a way you would like to participate, feel free to give us a call at (936) 321-6300.


Service hours may be logged in on the Parent Portal:

  1. From the CCS website, Login to the Parent Portal.
  2. Choose the Family Information tab on the left hand side.
  3. Choose your name in the center of the screen.
  4. A Service Hours tab appears on the right hand side.
  5. A work service record/entry should be completed each time a service is performed.

Ways to Give

We want to give our children everything under the sun. Through donations of any kind, we’re able to further their futures, and strengthen our school’s roots for the future generations to come. Christ Community School is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Shop on Amazon and help CCS through the Amazon Smile portal! All purchasing, pricing and shipping are the SAME as using The Smile portal allows CCS to receive .5% of all purchases made.

Your charitable contributions don’t go unnoticed – and if your employer loves what you’re doing, we’d like to extend an invitation for them to join you in matching your donation. To find out if your company offers matching gifts, please visit the link below or contact your HR person at work.

Increase Your Impact


The Annual Fund Campaign is the primary annual fundraising campaign for Christ Community School that benefits every aspect of the School’s operations—from academics, professional development, scholarships, physical education opportunities, and technology, to the growing visual and performing arts programs.

The CCS community’s generous support of the Annual Fund allows the school to go above and beyond what tuition covers to upgrade and enhance the learning experience for our students and to make immediate campus improvements.

We ask our families, faculty and staff, grandparents, family members, and other friends of the school to contribute to the Annual Fund campaign.

  • Gifts are 100% tax deductible
  • Pledges are accepted (payable no later than June 30, 2018)
Support Our School

The simplest way to give is to support our school financially, as it allows us to further our goals towards the best education and environment for our students, and takes but a moment of your time to give.

Support Our School

Share your faith with our students through leading one of our chapel services. Faith is paramount to our school as it acts as a timeless guide for our students to grow their decision making and discernment skills. Our monthly services are centered around character traits, referenced below.

Lead Our Students In Christ

Fill a room with joy. With the purchase of a name plaque, you sponsor a room or area of our school, celebrating its impact on your family, and the students who frequent the space.

Make Your Presence Permanent

This shopping portal is a universal outlet for hundreds of price-matched name brand items. Through using our specialized link, a percentage of all your purchases goes back to our school.

Shop In The Name Of Love


We hope you will join us in decorating our Prayer Garden with personalized, engraved brick pavers as a legacy for a special current or former student, staff or faculty member, alumni, community member or someone special to Christ Community School’s history. These brick pavers will become a living testimony to the lives changed and faith developed on this campus.

We appreciate your gift of legacy. For giving purposes, Christ Community School is classified as a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) Type 1 organization under the IRS Code.


Online Additional Clip Art Choices & Ordering Form

Payments can be made by Cash, Check payable to Christ Community School with “Legacy Brick” in Memo field or ONLINE. Bricks will be ordered once per semester and donors will be notifed!

Corporate Sponsorships


Community is the key to success for everyone’s endeavors, and one of our core principles is being an active and involved part of our community. There are many ways for companies aligned with our vision to participate and contribute to the solid foundations our school is built upon.

Career Nights

Our students are still of an age where they are considering all options for their life paths, and we’d love to show them that there’s an abundance of fulfilling careers out there. To invest in a future where all children excel, we’re offering career nights up to companies so that an ambassador can visit our school and make a 30-minute presentation to students and their families to shed light on what’s possible in their industry.

Knights Court Banners

Our Knights Court is the heart of our school with a central location – perfect for foot traffic, especially during our multitude of events throughout the year. Fly your banner and be honored in the Knights Court, for all to see your pride in Christ. Your presence in our school contributes to a stronger sense of community, and helps others discern our partners outside of school, in the real world.

Show Your Chivalry