CCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)


The purpose of PTF is to serve Christ by serving Christ Community School. We provide opportunities for parental involvement to support the various needs of the teachers and students, and to promote Christian fellowship within the school community. If you are a parent or grandparent of a CCS student, then you are a part of the Parent Teacher Fellowship.


Our meetings are open to all CCS families and we welcome opinions and suggestions from all parents. The CCS PTF encourages parents to be active in their child’s classroom activities and in PTF functions. The students love to see their parents at school and your participation helps make CCS a great place to learn and grow in Christian fellowship and service. There are no special skills or abilities needed to participate, only a willingness to serve our children, our faculty, and Christ.


  • Fun Lunch
  • Room Mom



When are PFT meetings held?

Meetings are usually held once every semester (or as needed), in the morning after child drop-off (8:10am) and in the evening before extended-care ends (5:00pm).


All meetings are held in the library. Please see the PTF calendar for specific meeting dates and times. Parents are an important part of CCS; their support and feedback is integral to the success of our school. PTF meetings are open to all CCS families; we welcome opinions, suggestions, and feedback from all parents. If you are a parent, grandparent, or godparent of a CCS student, then YOU are a part of the PTF.

How do I stay informed of upcoming PTF events, meetings, and activities?

All parents are encouraged to attend PTF meetings for information on upcoming events and the need for volunteers. However, if attending a meeting is not possible there are several ways to stay informed of PTF events, meetings, and activities. A PTF information table will be outside the Spirit Store in the new building which has a calendar of events as well as contact information and volunteer sign-ups. Also, The Knightly News, delivered to your email, has a PTF-news/corner announcing PTF events and upcoming opportunities for volunteering. All PTF meetings and events will also be noted on our CCS Facebook page.


Any specific questions can be emailed to –


Waht are PTF Teams, and how can I get connected?

Several “Teams” compose our PTF: Teacher Appreciation, Hospitality, Fundraising, Room-Mom, Fun Lunch, Working Parent and Outreach to name a few. There are many ways to lead, serve, or volunteer on a PTF Team.


The PTF encourages parents to be active in their children’s school activities and PTF functions. Students love to see parents at school and your participation helps make CCS a thriving place to learn and grow in Christian fellowship and service. There are no special skills or abilities needed to participate on any PTF Team, only a willingness to serve our students, faculty, and Christ.


You can contact any of us directly and we will happy to get you involved. Also, throughout the year sign-up sheets are circulated at most PTF meetings and events as well as informational posters in front of the school. By signing-up to join a team, parents can serve and fellowship with students, teachers, and other parents while building Christ like relationships both inside and outside the school.

What are Work Service Hours?

Each family agreed to a minimum of 30 work service hours upon enrollment to CCS (15 hours per single parent family). Every family is responsible for keeping track of their service hours. If it is not possible for a family to complete the service hours, there is the option of paying a $20.00 per unworked service hour. In order to fulfill the service hour requirement, you may volunteer in helping PTF in the following ways: Serve as a PTF Team leader or member, volunteer for teachers in their classrooms, or volunteer in PTF sponsored events and fundraisers. Additional details and guidelines regarding service hours can be found in the Parent Handbook.

How do I track my earned Work Service Hours?

Service hours may be logged in on the Parent Portal:

  1. From the CCS website, Login to the Parent Portal.
  2. Choose the Family Information tab on the left hand side.
  3. Choose your name in the center of the screen.
  4. A Service Hours tab appears on the right hand side.
  5. A work service record/entry should be completed each time a service is performed.

What if I work full time and unable to volunteer or earn Work Service Hours at the school?

There are multiple ways for all parents to serve and volunteer at CCS, and it does not have to be during school day hours. The PTF team goal is to utilize the many talents of our parents and capitalize on their strengths. There are many opportunities; such as baking for special PTF events, volunteering for events held outside of the normal school hours, and material preparation for teachers, that fulfill the requirement for Service Hours. Parents are an important part of CCS; their involvement and support of the school community is an integral role in the success of PTF. All PTF team leaders and members are happy to help you get involved and enjoy meeting new faces.


Please contact PTF Officers, Team Leaders, or the School Office Staff for more information or questions regarding the variety of opportunities for earning work service hours.

Why is PTF fundraising and teacher gifting so important at CCS?

Fundraising aims to instill one major valuable lesson into the minds of the students; when you want something, you work for it. This lesson carries into the real world and instills the importance of community and charity as well as the ability to work in teams. For parents, it allows them to have a more active role in their child’s life and become involved in school dynamics. A large benefit of fundraising is for our school and allows students, faculty and staff to have systems or structures in place that can last long after they leave the institution.


Teacher Gifting
Our Teachers are essential and come to school each day prepared to help others become their best. Their jobs are complex, joyful and, at times, challenging. Recognizing our Teachers with a small token of appreciation is a chance to say ‘thank you’. We want to acknowledge them for helping students achieve not only academically and socially, but morally and ethically as well. More so, they are passionate about each precious life God has entrusted to them and are committed to develop a Christ-like character in each student.

How can I become a PTF Officer?

PTF Officers are elected for a two-year term of office. Elections are held at the end of the school year. You may contact any of the current PTF Officers for detailed information.

How do I contact PTF and provide feedback and suggestions?

Please email us at …..