Knight Character Awards. PreK – 7th.


Welcome to the CCS Knights of Honor!



The purpose of CCS “Knights of Honor” is to recognize solid Christian character in individual students and to develop leadership skills. Third and fourth grade students are eligible to become Knights and new appointments are made each semester, thus giving as many students as possible an opportunity to serve. It is a special honor to be selected and appointed; it is our desire that our Knights of Honor will not only learn and grow in this leadership position, but they will serve as excellent examples of Christ-like character to our younger students. Knights are “inducted” at a special ceremony during Chapel.


Student Council – 3rd – 7th Graders



At CCS leadership development is a deliberate process. We don’t just hope that leadership happens, rather we provide opportunities for students to develop these skills through participation in leadership groups.


All CCS students will have the opportunity to lead at some point in their lives, whether informally or formally, and thus it is our responsibility to prepare them for leadership and to enable them to develop the skills and personal characteristics to be a successful leader. To that end, at CCS we strive to make leadership part of the everyday school experience by infusing it in the curriculum, developing it in our programs and co-curricular activities and practicing it within and beyond school walls.