Field Trips

Field trips are used to provide lessons both academically and spiritually to students. Students in Pre-K4 year old through 6th grades have two field trips per year that are tied into their curriculum and teach students about serving in their community.  Students in the 5th and 6th grades also travel to Forest Glen, an independent Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas, for a three-day overnight field trip that gives them an opportunity to commune with nature and bond with their fellow students in teambuilding activities.  Other field trip activities include:


  • Museum visits and research both away and on campus
  • Taking tours of food banks
  • Conroe Challenge Course
  • Presenting our local police and fire fighters with cards and treats to express our gratitude
  • Visiting nursing homes in our area
  • In-house petting zoo field trip for our Pre-K students




Children in Life Jackets CHild on Canoe Children in a Canoe Girl Swinging