CCS Enrichment Classes



Research shows that students learn a secondary language faster when they are immersed in it and have to practice through conversation. For this reason, the CCS Spanish program focuses on conversational usage as its main teaching method for grades 1 through 6. Some English is used with students in Pre-K 3 & 4year-olds and Kindergarten classes as necessary to promote learning.  Spanish speaking puppets are used with the youngest students to encourage conversation.






Art art-enrichment

The art instruction at CCS goes far beyond the typical elementary program. CCS students attend the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Art Festival each year and have won numerous awards. Student art work is displayed at various venues including the Conroe courthouse, the South Montgomery County  Library and The Children’s Museum of Houston. Classroom instruction covers the elements of art and principals of design using problem solving to create art. Students discuss artists and how they  used various elements to create their art. They also use correct art vernacular to critique their own works.

In the classroom, students create with weaving, sculpting, acrylic, water and tempera paints, three-D art including ceramics and paper mache. Students also create mono-prints, scratch art, mosaics, stamp art and draw with inks, markers, pastel pencils, charcoals and colored pencils.  Older students create a work of art in the style of a famous artist they have researched.  Each spring student artwork is showcased at the CCS Evening with the Arts.




Music music-enrichment

Music instruction is provided for all students at CCS. The youngest students in the Pre-K 3-year-old class, Pre-K 4-year-old class and Kindergarten learn the value of notes, placement on the treble and bass clef, pitch articulation, rhythm and tone.  A new type of music is introduced to children each year as they progress through a comprehensive music appreciation curriculum from folk and spiritual to classical. Students also learn about the lives of composers, helping them  to better understand their compositions.





Technology Lab

CCS is proud of its Dell technology lab and Apple iPad equipment.  We have regular sized iPads for our upper grades and mini iPads for our early childhood and pre-school students.


Equipped with flat screen monitors and current generation computers, the lab provides students the opportunity to learn mousing techniques, keyboarding, and widely used software applications such as the Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Younger students explore the computer using programs such as KidPics, Mavis Beacon and Storybook Weaver, while older students learn Internet safety.




Physical Education pe-enrichment

The CCS physical education program provides instruction in sportsmanship, team play and the basic components of various sports including basketball and soccer using the CCS basketball courts and soccer fields.  The Physical Education program is based on age-appropriate physical development and brain research and ties activities into relevant classroom instruction to reinforce concepts.








A+ Certification Prep Class




Graphic Design




3D Art




Applications Class




Teen Leadership (7th Grade)




We are proud to offer an incredible fully automated library program to our students. Our program not only teaches children the basics of navigating the library, but it also helps to develop and encourage the love of reading literature by offering:

  • Different genres of literature (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, folk-tales and more)
  • Age appropriate story time
  • An opportunity to help encourage and expand the imaginations of our children

Library time is provided once a week for all students. During this time, students learn how to use the library, check out books, and experience story time. The library holds a Lifeway Book Fair in the Fall, and provides Scholastic Book order forms once a month for students to purchase books.

Our students have access to the Accelerated Reader program which allows them to choose a book at or above their reading level and assesses their comprehension.  This is a great motivation tool for reading independence and growth.