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Our Take On Academics

At Christ Community School, teachers apply a variety of instructional strategies in order to maximize the intellectual, spiritual and academic achievement, and development of each student. Our teachers place emphasis on the core disciplines of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. In addition, CCS provides a well-balanced educational program with enriching electives such as Technology, Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Communication Skills. Our teachers have access to outstanding resources such as Abeka, Bob Jones, ACSI and Pearson; as well as a rich library of leveled readers and classical literature. We want to make the transition from other schools, programs, and home-schools to be seamless, so if you’d like to learn more about our class materials, feel free to contact us.

Our Curriculum

At this age, our students transition from regular classwork into enriching activities every day to give them a well-balanced educational experience. Their enrichment classes are PE, Art, Spanish, Music, Library and Technology, which runs a special program called TechnoKids – a project-based technology curriculum including Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, and Google Apps – Fun Computer Activities for Kids.

Similar to Early Childhood, Elementary students share a rotating enrichment curriculum, with daily classes in PE, Art, Spanish, Music, Library and Technology. In addition to this, they also take Communications. In Technology, students take TechnoKids, a project-based technology curriculum including Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, and Google Apps – Fun Computer Activities for Kids.

Enrichment Classes

We want to inspire all of our students into finding their own means of creative expression, so we provide many avenues within the classroom to explore. In addition to developing academic skills, enriching activities provide a well-rounded education – which we believe is one of the most important gifts a parent can give to their child. The likes, dislikes, lessons, and skills learned through enriching activities stick with them throughout their whole life.


Our arts program is crafted to bring out the inner creativity and imagination that lies in every child. Our knights learn a multitude of different mediums, such as weaving, sculpting, acrylic, water and tempera paints, three-D art including ceramics and paper mache. Students also create mono-prints, scratch art, mosaics, stamp art and draw with inks, markers, pastel pencils, charcoals and colored pencils.  Older students create a work of art in the style of a famous artist they have researched.  Each spring student artwork is showcased at the CCS Evening with the Arts.


This program was crafted for the musically inclined students – not only those that love to make music with their voices, hands, and hearts, but those who love to act, to dance, to test out new horizons. Through investigating all the aspects of music, our children are able to pursue any method of involvement in music, from percussion, to singing, to directing, as well as reading and writing the language of melodies. If your child becomes a part of our Knights family, they will be welcomed to grow any and all of their natural talents.


Learning a secondary language is unquestionably easier through immersion – where practice is not just limited to instructional teaching, but through conversation with others. While this is easiest with our older students, our 3 and 4 year olds receive all the benefit of the classes as well, supplemented with Spanish speaking puppet shows and a little bit of English to promote simple learning. In becoming bilingual, new worlds can and will open up for your child!

Physical Education

Keeping your student’s age, growth, and aptitudes in mind, our physical education program takes students on a journey through different sports, games, and movements to help coordinate them not only physically, but on a team, too. Sportsmanship is the key to this class, and we focus in on providing lessons on the connection of a healthy lifestyle, well-being, and activity throughout the school year. We want our students to venture into life vibrantly.


The experience of a library as a child should be magical – a place where their mind knows no bounds – a place where they can experience almost anything, and be transported anywhere, just through the page of a book. Our aim is to motivate our students into expanding their knowledge and imagination through reading – possibly one of the most foundational skills that will accompany them throughout their entire life. We hope to bring all the excitement and adventure they are looking for, alongside library skills, storytime, and literature appreciation. And if they happen to be just as excited as we hope they are, our accelerated reader program allows students to choose a book at or above their reading level, while we assess comprehension, and motivate them for future reading independence and growth. Students have the opportunity to visit the library each week and attend special author visits, our annual Scholastic Book Fair, LifeWay Christian Book Fair and the student Birthday Book Club.

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